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How To Meditate

The world is becoming increasing fast paced and as many Caribbean countries try to keep up with this rate of development and economic progress, we find ourselves increasingly unsettled and stressed.

This stress and state of agitation is not good for our spiritual, mental or physical health.

Meditation not only has spiritual benefits, getting you in touch with yourself and strengthening your belief system, it also helps to clarify your mind so that you can focus and be efficient in pursuing your goals and staying true to your value system.

Meditate to relieve stress.

There are many ways to meditate, and here we present a simple step by step process to get you started on your daily journey for spiritual peace:

1. Set aside a certain amount of time each day that is suitable to you to dedicate to meditating. Some would insist that it is the same time or that it is morning time, but it should be a time that is convenient for you so that it does not add pressure to your routine.

2. Find a relaxing and peaceful spot to meditate. If you can hear loud noises or your TV is on or there are people trying to interact with you, the distraction will take away from the peace that you are trying to accomplish by meditating.

3. The classic way to sit when meditating is with your back erect, your legs folded and your hand resting quietly on your lap or knees palm up. This may not be the most comfortable position for you. Therefore, chose a position that is comfortable and that allows you to be relaxed without falling into a deep sleep. 

4. You should keep your eyes open, hence why the need to find somewhere free of distractions while you meditate. You want to be alert even though you are becoming increasingly relaxed. While your eyes are open, remember not to focus on anything in your line of vision.

5.. Take deep breaths. This helps clear the base of the lungs of the carbon dioxide that may be helping you feel lethargic while rushing that much needed oxygen around your body.

6. Relax your body muscle by muscle. You should start by relaxing the muscles in your face, then move on to the neck, shoulders and arms down to the tips of your fingers. Take the relaxation down to your chest, abdomen and your legs to the tips of your toes.

7. Quietly focus on something in your life that you find inspirational whether it be religion or nature, and allow yourself to just sit there peacefully.

8. You can choose to recite a passage or saying that inspires and motivates you to repeat it. This passage could be something that helps to calm you when the day gets too stressful or it could have spiritual meaning to you. Say this slowly until you are saying it with a calm, even rhythm.

9. Last but not least clear your mind. You spent the last two tips focusing and thinking but now it's time to silence your thoughts and leave your mind completely at peace. Spend a few minutes in this stage of complete silence before ending your meditation.

Be careful not to expect results right away. Even if you do not see these results the first few times, keep going and don’t berate yourself over the fact that you are not achieving that state of peace right away.

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind of all the thoughts and issues that would otherwise keep you from being in the state to achieve your best self.

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