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4 Ways To Cope With Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental problems in the Western world and it is often undiagnosed. How do you know if you have anxiety? You may have anxiety if you feel excessive worry either most of the time or in specific situations, such as social settings. If you suffer from panic attacks, that’s also a form of anxiety.

Woman meditates

Meditation can be very helpful

A little bit of anxiety now and then is normal, sometimes healthy. But it‘s better to find ways to cope with chronic anxiety than let it emotionally and physically cripple you.

Coping with anxiety

  1. Just breathe. Different breathing techniques can help ease the physical tension associated with anxiety. Inhale while counting to five, hold your breath for two seconds and exhale for five seconds. Repeat this until your body feels more relaxed.

  2. Visualisation. Is there a place where you feel happy and relaxed? Like at a public park or in your childhood home? Whenever your stress and anxiety levels feel overwhelming, close your eyes and take a moment to imagine this place. Don’t just picture it but remember the sounds, smells, textures etc. you associate with this place.

  3. Meditate. Meditation is an effective method for reducing stress and anxiety. There are different fitness centres that offer special classes or group meditation sessions. It’s best to practice meditation every day if your anxiety is chronic.

  4. Go to therapy. It’s always best to see a mental health professional if you suspect you have any mental disorder. That way you could get a proper diagnosis, professional treatment and medication if necessary. This is especially important if you suffer from panic attacks and phobias, another form of anxiety.

These methods should be helpful but remember to see a professional therapist to rule out other possible health or mental disorders. Everybody feels anxious sometimes but don’t let it take over your life.

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