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Vive La Crossfit Revolution!

So you want to boost your confidence, feel stronger, move faster, with more coordination, power and extra sexiness? And you want it quicker than riding the elliptical at a conventional gym? Then you need to join the fitness revolution that is Crossfit!

In this health feature, Kurama Magazine talks to Coach Cary Holder of IslandFit, leaders of Crossfit in Barbados, to find out what a WOD is, why they host a Thursday Throwdown and who they’re training now. IslandFit’s atmosphere is electric and encouraging, and not a single day passes where at least one person doesn't overcome an obstacle. They live by the motto “no challenge, no change” and we’re ready to join ‘em!

Burning rubber at the Thursday Throwdown

Burning rubber at the Thursday Throwdown

Kurama Magazine: What is Crossfit?

Cary Holder: CrossFit is a systematic approach to fitness using constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. In simpler terms, it is a system of exercise that enables anyone to be physically and mentally stronger for completing daily tasks.

Kurama Magazine: How does IslandFit cater to individual results better than a conventional gym?

Cary Holder: A gym typically has machines to which the human body MUST conform (no matter their size, weight or other individual aspects) and no room for motivating, enabling, recognizing and celebrating individual accomplishments. Our 'box' acknowledges through our programming and adaptation of such programming to suit each member, that the human body is the greatest machine ever made, and we help you to thoroughly enjoy that fact while exploring and celebrating your unique capabilities.

Kurama Magazine: We see ‘WODs’ posted everyday… What exactly is a WOD?

Cary Holder: This stands for Workout Of the Day. A new WOD is posted every day at the box, keeping things fresh for the mind and invigorating for the body.

On any given day, everyone coming to the box does the same WOD. The WOD is scaled to suit ability level but everyone gets a score they can improve upon. All WODs have a coach so that you are never left alone.

Challenge yourself to a WOD!

KM: What do you love most about being an IslandFit coach?

CH: Playing a role in the successes of our athletes. There is little better than seeing the smile on the face of someone who has overcome! It’s one of the few sports where those finishing at the back are actually cheered and encouraged by those finishing earlier.

(Read IslandFit’s ‘Awesome Athletes Of The Week’ testimonials here.) 

KM: IslandFit's motto is No Challenge, No Change. Explain how members experience this in the WODs?

CH: Everyone is familiar with exercise but not everyone is familiar with great results from exercise. This is because not everyone challenges themselves at EVERY workout, therefore their level of change is minimal at best. Our motto reminds us to strive for betterment every time, whether it be a small challenge such as going for 30 seconds longer or a larger challenge like adding ten pounds to your max Bench Press.

KM: Tell me about IslandFit’s special Thursday Throwdowns.

CH: The last Thursday of the month, we host an in-house competition called the Throwdown. It's friendly and open to the general public and is our way of keeping every athlete's competitive edge sharp while fostering community spirit.

KM: Tell me about your shoe drive, or any other initiatives you have done or have coming up.

CH: Covering Feet Inspiring Fitness is the brainchild of Coach Garth and is our way of making sure that not having shoes is not the reason that our talented athletes don't progress. We encourage our members and general public to donate their athletic footwear, which usually still have some life in them, to our shoe drive which will cover the feet of the less fortunate. We have other charity events on the horizon, including assisting with ones we've participated in previously (Globeathon, Movember and Pinktober to name a few).

IslandFit Crew celebrating a victory at the Run Barbados Series

IslandFit Crew celebrating a victory at the Run Barbados Series

If you ride the stationery bike like a zombie or trod the treadmill with no direction and you see no or slow results, we vote you join the fitness revolution that is Crossfit.

Crossfit challenge

As a special treat just for you Kurama readers, we got Coach Cary to prescribe an exercise you can try at home:

  • Warm up for five minutes.

  • Ten squats.

  • Ten chair dips.

  • Alternate exercises every ten reps, completing as many as possible in five minutes.

  • Stretch your arms and legs after.

  • Count your total reps done, then try to beat your score the next day!

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