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Teff: Living In A Dream World

Teff Mayweather – a self-described island-boy lyricist who’s slim in stature but fat with freestyle – released his debut album ‘Dream World’ in June this year. With cool rhymes, catchy melodies and stellar collaborations, ‘Dream World’ cements Teff’s footing as Barbados’ swaggest hip hop artist.

We strongly suggest you pop this disc into your music player, but first, you ‘Need A Moment’ to check out his exclusive interview with Kurama Magazine.

Teff Mayweather

Teff has his eye on the prize

Kurama Magazine: Where in the world are you right now?

TEFF: Well I’m currently in NY. Just got here from a showcase in Atlanta. I’ve got a show here in NY… and I’m working with some new admin structure that’s definitely getting my buzz around in the larger world markets.

Kurama Magazine: What is your Dream World?

TEFF: My Dream World is one where individuality thrives without judgment. Everyone using their natural talent to understand their purpose, and living off that instead of money.

Kurama Magazine: Do you dream often?

TEFF: I definitely dream; so much so that I go to sleep sometimes to escape little issues here and there.

Kurama Magazine: What’s your dream for your music?

TEFF: My dream for my music is to impact the world as widely as I can. After releasing this project and seeing people from France, Germany, Sweden, the US, all over just tweeting me about how they’re inspired and how much they love the music or how it got them through the day, that definitely builds your spirit.

Kurama Magazine: Who are some of the featured artists on the album?

TEFF: As a lover of music I like to collaborate with vocalists and instrumentalists to add a broader dynamic to my stuff. I don’t want it to just be rap music. I sampled a record from Indra on the intro and used her background vocals in ‘My Day’. I also featured Jaicko, Komi, Blade did the guitars on ‘I Need A Moment’; Simon Pipe featured vocally and put down guitars on ‘All I Got’; then I’ve got SueAnn and Marvay as well. These were all the singers whose music I truly enjoy from Barbados that I had easy access to.

Kurama Magazine: You have top class lyrics. What is your writing style?

TEFF: It varies. I prefer putting pen to paper. I can either get the instrumental first or write from scratch and then build the instrumental around it. I’d like to think I write fairly quickly so I’d say building a song from scratch would take two sessions; one to get the track down and another to perfect it.

Teff Mayweather's album cover

The artwork for the cover of Teff's debut album 'Dream World'

Kurama Magazine: What are some of your favourite songs on the album?

TEFF: My own favourite songs change every week.

Sunday’ is a track where I really go into my relationship with my parents. I come from a super Christian home and background so becoming a hip hop artist wasn’t the easiest decision. That track is basically a letter to them trying to explain where I’m coming from.

I Need a Moment’ just has a dope feel to it. Everyone needs a moment at some point no matter what you’re dealing with…

Spinnin’ talks about the main theme of the album as far as manifesting your goals in the right way no matter how tough it gets.

Kurama Magazine: What do you hope people take away from your music?

TEFF: I hope that people understand that no matter what dream you may have, even if it seems impossible in your current situation, it can always be achieved if you focus on the right things and believe in yourself.

Teff may be dreamy, but his music is nothing to snooze to. Check him out on Twitter or Instagram (@Teff_Mayweather), Facebook stalk him or log on to and buy ‘Dream World’. Download five tracks for free and you can purchase the other nine for only US $8.91.

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