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NexCyx: Club Heroes By Night

Bajan rockers NexCyx need little introduction. Heroes of the Barbadian music scene, the band’s mission is to save club-jumpers everywhere from dull parties, bad music and boring times. Having just released their newest single 'Nightclub Superheroes', Kurama Magazine chatted with André Clarke, Mahalia Phillips, Russel Padmore, Kris Clarke and Chad Ifill to find out which secret powers they carry, who their favourite villain is, and why everyone in the band wants to be Kris.


NexCyx: (from left) Mahalia, Kris, Chad, André and Russel (Photos by Jaryd Niles-Morris)

Kurama Magazine: What’s the new tune, 'Nightclub Superheroes' about?

Mahalia: It's ultimately about getting the party started and having the BEST time you can. Nexcx can make that happen. It's what we do.

Kurama: Rivenis Black did a great job on the art for the single. Where’d you get the idea?

Kris: I personally LOVE superhero movies, even the ones that flop. Mahalia and Russell both love Anime, Andre loves 'Family Guy' and 'Dragonball Z', and Chad loves cartoons in general.

Kurama: What’s your character’s power?

Mahalia: I'm The Siren... I control you with my vocal awesomeness.

Russel: My character is The VIP. I'm the big boss in terms of getting people into the most secure and off limits places in duh club!

Kris: Super sonic booms out of my bass and electricity bursts from my hands.

André: I’m the technical genius that also has muscle power.

Chad: My character’s power is like a rubber band man with breaking dance fighting skills.

Kurama: Which superpower do you want?

Mahalia: I'd want the power to communicate and control any kind of technology with my mind. Everything nowadays is electronic.

Russel: I'd love to be telepathic because knowledge is power.

Kris: Flight would be pretty sick. That way I could go pretty much wherever I wanted to.

André: Hmmm… I would settle for mind control.

Chad: I would love to have the power to fly so I won’t have to drive, park the car.

Kurama: What’s NexCyx’s “super description”?

Mahalia: Band of steel.

Kurama: Who’s your favourite villain?

Russel: My fave villian is The Joker... I'd party with that guy!

Kris: Love that Joker.

Kurama: Where are you guys gigging these days?

Russel: We are really pushing our music regionally and been touring in countries like St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and St. Maarten.

Kurama: How do you keep the band’s personalities in check?

Kris: We’re like a big crazy family. Ups and downs but at the end of the day, musical blood is thicker than water.

NexCyx in Marhill

NexCyx wants to be recognized both locally and internationally

Kurama: Where do you draw inspiration from when writing?

Mahalia: It really can come from anywhere. Sometimes it’s a random rhythm from windshield wipers, or string of lyrics that pass through my mind as I fall asleep.

Russel: I draw from my rock ’n roll background when writing or composing.

André: Anything…. we are such a random band. The beat of 'On the Floor' is based on the sound of my slippers while I was walking down a hallway.

Kurama: Any new direction you hope to take the band in this year?

Chad: Being able to spend more time in the studio, looking for a better image and having a huge fan base for each person in the band and to be recognized both locally and internationally.

Kurama: If you could exchange lives with another band member for a day, who would you choose?

Mahalia: Kris. I'd love love love to be that tall for a day.

Russel: I'd switch with Kris and walk around with the fro for a day

André: Kris cause I would like to know how he survives under that hair.

Kurama: And what would you do on Kris-mas Day?

Mahalia: I'd try out for the LA Lakers.

André: Just walk around with my new hair.

Have a look at the band's latest single 'Nightclub Superheroes':

Fans can find NexCyx online on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or at their website Stay tuned, because word on the street is that Mahalia’s Corner is coming back very soon, and Russel is learning some mad ukulele skills.

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