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Honey Jam Ladies: Meet Debbie & Lyn'L

Honey Jam Barbados - an all-female musical showcase - is coming up this month and we have been introducing several of this year's artistes.

Previously, we featured Tillieann WhittakerFaith 'Fate' CallenderImani, Ieashia Browne, Alexandria 'Lexi' Davis and Neira. Today, meet Barbados Music Award nominee Debbie Reifer and soca artiste Lynette 'Lyn'L' Lynch.

Debbie Reifer

Debbie Reifer

Debbie Reifer already has three singles to her name - 'Amber', 'We Are Love' and 'Till I Die'. She recently participated in two of the Canadian Music Week showcases in Toronto. This Honey Jam alumnus will be recording her first album in Jamaica with acclaimed producer Clive Hunt, who has worked with Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Rolling Stones, Jimmy Cliff, Beres Hammond, Dean Frazer and The Wailers.

How will this year's performance be different from what you've done with Honey Jam Barbados before?

This year I'm coming with original material that's much lighter and happier than last year. Last year focused on a message that was important but very heavy and this year I wanted to bring a message that just makes everyone feel great.

Any advice for the newest playgirls about the Honey Jam initiative and the music business in general?

I think the best advice I can give is to be a sponge. Everything about the Honey Jam initiative is a learning experience that will contribute to some aspect of the music business. Be focused, humble and willing to learn everything you can about how you need to conduct yourself in this business and understand that there will be no success without a lot of hard work. Nothing comes without a price; utilize the education being provided through Honey Jam to understand some of the "costs" and to figure out how to avoid the more devastating costs of being in this business.

About the music business in general? Don't underestimate the word "business". Allot as much focus, determination and hard work to the "business" of music as you do to the "art" of making music. Educate yourself! Read books, ask questions, learn from failures but educate yourself!

What did you enjoy most about the song-writing workshop?

Many artists spend a lot of time trying to get in touch with "the right people" to ask questions about areas of this business that can help their career as songwriters. We had the opportunity to sit down and discuss important questions about the business (publishing) side of songwriting with the general manager (Vivian Barclay) of one of the biggest publishing companies in North America (Warner Chapelle). It was amazing.

Are you excited to be working with Clive Hunt on your first album?

I am! He's excellent at what he does and he is very inspiring and makes it easy for me to be my best. A lot of my writing style is very open and bare... He makes it really easy to be that open and vulnerable in the studio. There's also the added perk of working with him for some of the tracks in the legendary Tuff Gong studio.

How did it feel being selected to perform at Canadian Music Week?

Surreal. I never expected to be selected and I felt very humbled by the notion that as a foreign newcomer my music had impressed the ears of people who annually book much more accomplished artists and musicians for the same event.

Lynette 'Lyn'L' Lynch


At only 22 years old, Lyn'L has been performing professionally for six years. She was a top ten finalist on Digicel's Rising Stars in 2010 and the winner of the 2007 Richard Stoute Talent Review. The powerful vocalist's soca hit 'Carnival Again' has had airplay in four continents.

Why did you audition for Honey Jam Barbados?

I've heard about Honey Jam over the years and always figured I wasn't good enough but this year I got a phone call from a very close friend. They said, "Wait, Lyn! You entering Honey Jam, right?" At that time the audition was two days away. And that's how I gained the courage to enter. It's only now being a part of it that I realized how much my career can really benefit from this!

What are your favourite musical genres?

Okay. So I follow pop, R&B, soul, jazz, alternative and recently I'm a big fan of house music. But because of my general love and passion for music, I have researched and now have a strong love for all the genres!

Do you plan to release music for Crop Over 2014?

Yes, I do have all intentions of doing so. I released three soca songs so far. Two in 2011 called 'Carnival Again' and 'Hypnotise Me'. One this year called 'Give It to Me!'

How would you describe your sense of style?

My sense of style is very simple yet unique. It's passionate, breathtaking, modern and inspirational. I basically put everyday life experiences into everything I do so it shows.

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